He Made This Fast & Painless

Eric's name was given to me by a friend of a friend and I've never been so grateful for a referral. I was looking at filing bankruptcy after a particularly nasty divorce and I needed some straight legal advice from someone who really had my best interests in mind. Eric was there for me every step of the way. He was so helpful in telling me exactly what to expect throughout the whole process and he was easily available to me any time I had any questions or concerns. That was probably the best thing about him - that he knew my concerns were important to me and he was so quick to respond. He made what could've been a truly terrible experience instead a fast, painless one.
-Kari R.

Amazing Results & Personalized Service

Oh my gosh, you are amazing!! I sincerely believe it is due to your skills that it came out this good. Thank you so much for your hard work, your quick and efficient responses to their communications, your personal attention you gave to my small case (big to me), your in-depth research and extremely wise strategy and powerful wording to them. You took that “pit bull” to battle and won. Thank you, Eric. It turned out much better than I thought.

Life Is Back on Track

Thank you again for your representation in this matter and for the positive results. You have been instrumental in me getting my life back on track. Thank you again.
-Ed R.

He Really Is "A Lawyer for the People"

I hired Eric Ridley during a very stressful time in my life. I had credit card debt with two different credit card companies, both of which had gone to collections. The day I got a letter of intent to sue from one of them I knew I needed help. I CALLED Eric Ridley because I liked that he referred to himself as “A lawyer for the people”, I HIRED Eric Ridley because he proved to be just that. I explained to Eric that I didn’t have much money, I am newly engaged and getting married this summer and the last thing I wanted to do was start my married life in debt. He worked with me on his pricing, and we came up with a number for his services we were both comfortable with. He returned every call, every text and every email from me promptly and never charged me to talk to him. He was patient and always answered every one of my questions in detail. I was comfortable and clued in throughout the whole process and he took my case on with fire and passion and treated it as though it was his own debt he was fighting for. The whole process took less than two weeks and he fought so hard for me that I ended up having to pay less than half of what I originally owed. He was worth every penny because, I know its cheesy but, to be able to start my marriage debt free is the most freeing feeling and I cant say thank you enough to him for giving me a clean slate and a fresh start. Thank you Eric Ridley!!
-Confidential Client

Room to Breathe

When I first got served with a collections lawsuit in 2014, I thought I could handle it myself. I didn’t want to pay extra legal fees for an attorney. Who had money for that? I did a lot of research online and spoke to about seven different law firms. Some even had “sales people” to convince you to hire their law firm - what a racket! I finally decided on Eric Ridley’s office because he was genuine, compassionate, a straight shooter, and his fee was very reasonable. Eric Ridley did an outstanding job in settling a lawsuit for me, for significantly less than what my initial bill was. He also was able to get me more “breathing room” so I had time to save up funds to pay for the settlement. Eric was easy to speak with, returned communications promptly, handled the legal aspects professionally and in a timely manner, and most importantly, took all the pressure of the lawsuit off my plate so I could focus on more important matters. He made my life much easier, and that was the biggest benefit of all. The settlement he negotiated was excellent. I highly recommend Eric Ridley’s legal services.

He's an Extraordinary Person

Although I was not Mr. Ridley’s client, Eric still helped me out with a complex legal issue over phone and e-mail. He replied within hours to my e-mail (not days.) His calm demeanor, rational approach (he did not sugar-coat the strengths/weaknesses of my case), and genuine level of caring really put me at ease, and helped push me in the right direction. Eric showed a lot of concern for my well-being, and went over the weaknesses and strengths of my case in great detail. His advice was VERY helpful: he did not sugar-coat anything, and even called me with any concern he had about me or my case. I would warmly recommend him. Eric is not just an extraordinary lawyer, but based on my experience, an extraordinary person. The phrase, “If more lawyers were like him, there would be no lawyer jokes” comes to mind :).
-Confidential Client

No Pressure, No Unnecessary Fees

I would like to start out by saying Thank You for helping me through this very tuff time in my life. I wasn’t sure if filing for Bankruptcy was the right thing to do. My parents raised me very well and this was the last thing I morally felt was right. I spoke with you about my situation and how I managed to get myself into so much debt. You talked to me about why in some cases filing may be the right thing to do. As you know I did make the decision the day I spoke with you. There was no pressure from you whatsoever. You were willing to talk to me about everything. I was fully aware of what to expect. I do admit I was afraid, without you I could not have made it through the process. When I needed reassurance you were there. Even weeks after my 341 hearing we still communicate. The day of the 341 hearing I was scared; after I spoke with you I knew everything was going to be alright. You were straight forward with the costs. There was no charges added on for extra phone calls, faxes, train rides, gas charges for your commute. Thank you again Eric!
-Confidential Client

Much Easier Than I Imagined

Thank you Eric. You really made this much easier for me than I could have imagined.
-Ross H.

He Gave Me Hope & a Fresh Start

Making the decision to file bankruptcy is never easy. When I was deciding if filing would be right for me I spoke to my best friend at dinner one night. Little did I know she had filed a couple years earlier. She gave me Eric's name and number. I still wasn't sure what I was going to do at that point. From my very first conversation with Eric he explained everything very clearly. He gave me hope and helped me see that filing does not make you a lesser person. It's a fresh start. Throughout the process he was readily available (literally within minutes). I never felt like I was carrying this on my own. Filing for BK is not a happy experience but Eric made the experience as calming as it can be. I highly recommend him. Btw he also practices other areas than just BK :)
-Sarah S.

He Over-Delivered

Eric is absolutely amazing. 100% no joke, gives you the real deal exactly how it is going to be and then in my case (truly unbelievable) really over-delivered. I talked to probably 5 other attorneys before I found Eric and was very clear off the get go Eric knew what was up. Honestly, if I could use Eric as my exclusive attorney for everything I would. And actually anytime I need an attorney I am going to start with Eric and take the advice and direction he points me in. Really was great to work with and cannot stress enough to start with Eric and then go from there.
-Josh V.

Skilled, Savvy, Genuine, & Personable

Eric is a true professional. He is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and patient, always with a pleasant uplifting tone to his voice. You can actually hear his smile as he remains positive while listening, always without judgment. Just knowing that he's heard it all, seen the worst case situations, there is peace of mind knowing that he truly does have your best interest at heart. I have hired Eric several times for various sticky legal situations and he has always been quick to respond, to answer my questions which at times have been redundant, and he translates the legal lingo into a layman language I can understand. He truly does have his client's best interest at heart and is not out to just take money. If there isn't a case, he will let you know almost immediately, never wasting your time and money. Eric is not only an impressive and quite skilled and savvy lawyer, he is genuine and personable. He is never pushy; he speaks with conviction and has genuine warmth about him. His rates are well worth the level of service he offers and his style of communication is beyond impressive. Legal battles of any kind can be a tenuous, stressful, and burdensome process so it is beyond valuable to have someone working with you who really is a lawyer for the people. Eric is very tech-savvy which minimizes costs and expedites procedures. I can't stress enough the importance of having a good and trustworthy lawyer. Eric is first rate all the way, and I wouldn't recommend anyone else!
-Deb B.

"Eliminated My Debt"

"Eric was a consummate professional with his expertise, guidance, and support via emails and phone calls. He and his team made the process free from fear and confusion. I'm grateful for Eric and his team for their services and compassionate ethos."

-Dan A.

The Essence of a Great Lawyer

You are the essence of a really great lawyer. Thank you so much!


Kind, Knowledgeable, & Professional

Eric helped me out immensely with a legal problem and was very kind, extremely professional and knew everything possible to help me win the case. I'm hoping I never need to hire an attorney in the future but I know exactly who I will go to if the need does arise.
-Sally M.

Awesome Experience

Eric, is Awesome! Very responsive and follow-up is excellent. I was in quite a bind, and Eric helped me out tremendously. I would highly recommend him! He has your best interest in the palm of his hands. I was glad to do business with him!
-Susan R.

Six Stars

I was in a bad way, as I was in the middle of a mortgage refi only to discover my house had a lien on it and didn't know why. I had a lender that was breathing down my neck for immediate remedy, and I needed help fast! After reviewing and speaking to five different attorneys' offices, Eric was chosen because of his speedy response and the fact that his website mentioned past dealings with the plaintiff in my case. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Eric is an outstanding attorney and human being -- a day later, the lien is being lifted, and the refi is going through. Throughout this whole process, Eric has been incredibly inclusive and communicative about every step that was being taken, and really helped make a bad situation so much less stressful because of his openness and honesty about all the possible outcomes in the case. He is incredibly timely and efficient. At times, I was starting to get the impression that he was even more impatient for an outcome than I, the client, was! He is very tech-savvy - constantly communicating via text, phone calls, emails, etc... like having a lawyer "in the cloud." I would give him six stars if I could and would not hesitate to recommend him for any legal matter.
-Tim E.

A World of Difference

My first lesson over the last three years was, don't try to do it on your own, get a lawyer. My second lesson was, get a better lawyer. Luckily, that was the point when I found Eric Ridley and it made a world of difference. He knows his stuff. He does his best. He expertly guides you through processes that are new, often confusing, and difficult. He makes a difference. I am not at all surprised to find that there are so many others on here who feel the same way. We're lucky to have him.

My favorite lawyer of all time

Eric Ridley has to be my favorite Lawyer of all time.

He helped me out tremendously being the executor of a family trust. I would give him 10 out of 10 no doubt! He did such a good job for me that I recommended him to all my other clients in need of great lawyer.

Eric is more than just a “Lawyer” he is a true warm friend who makes always himself available when needed and genuinely cares about his clients which is hard to find these days.

I respect how he always puts integrity first!

-Phil Gill

Hands down, he is the best you will find!

"Hello, I wish to share with anyone who is thinking of filing a BK case . I been around the block with several other BK attorneys and then found Eric Ridley.

Hands down, he is the best you will find, always gives you the highest level of support and legal advice you will find. Always follows up, quickly and really helps keep you on track with the courts and trustee....Can not tell you enough how important to find the right attorney to help you though this very alien process to most ....have never been though before ....It is not easy to under stand the process required to successfully get protection from the BK court....Eric is there in your corner every step of the way ....Nobody wants to go the BK route if they can avoid it ...but if you have to, as I had to to save my house, Eric will do his very best to help as he had done in my case.

Thanks You Eric !!!"

-Jeffrey Kroll

Excellent Attorney to Have on Your Side!

Before I knew Eric Ridley, I was sued by one of my creditors and hired an attorney to represent me. He was on the case for over 7 months. All of a sudden he terminated my contract with less than 2 months before the trial! He never gave a good reason for terminating me. I had to find another attorney who would accept and take on this case. With only a few weeks before the trial I found Eric Ridley. Eric took on the difficult challenge of having to take over another attorney's casework and quickly went to work. He settled over $6300 of creditor debt including court costs. I only had to pay the creditor $500. Thank you Eric for relieving me of this very stressful situation with excellent results! Peace of mind is priceless.
-Jan V.

Terrific Advice & Accessibility

I selected Eric because his stated focus is people, not corporations. I figured this would mean that I would likely receive personalized, compassionate service from a legal professional. Mr. Ridley delivered exactly that. He represented me to the successful completion of my case. I experienced excellent legal representation, sound advice and a willingness to return phone calls and emails. He guided me through a process that otherwise would have been uncertain, ominous and intimidating and he made it a manageable and even hopeful experience. Eric cared about me and my concerns and for that I am grateful. Money well spent!
-Al G.

Beyond Helpful

I contacted Mr. Ridley about a student loan debt suit and he was beyond helpful. He did not back away from the challenge and was very professional and supportive and his responses to my emails were very quick which is very important to me because I am from Northern California and couldn't just walk into his office. He really is the kind of attorney you want to represent you because he truly cares about his clients and is willing to help as much as possible, it's clear to see from the moment you contact him.


I found Eric Ridley on the internet. I've never been one for just pulling attorneys off the Net, I've normally been referred to attorneys. In this case, I was wowed by Eric's professionalism, understanding to my needs and speedy assistance. Eric always answered all my questions in a timely manner, other times instantly! I gave Eric 5-stars because he is an excellent Attorney and I would recommend Eric Ridley to all my family and friends! Thank you Eric Ridley!
-JoAnn H.

Highly Commend Your Ability

Understanding, knowledgeable, and has the persistence to negotiate.

Thank you Eric for being my consumer law attorney and helping me expeditiously negotiating my past bump in the road. Resolving this discourse has never been more uplifting allowing me to focus on more important business matters. I look forward to utilizing your services in the future, and highly commend your ability as a consumer attorney.

-Joe P

Tthe experience has blessed the lives of me and my sons. Thank you!

You assisted with my bankruptcy in July 2017. It was discharged in October 2017.

I obtained a credit score of 721 in October 2019.

I now have unsecured credit cards:

  • AMEX $15,000,
  • VISA $3,000,
  • MC $2500,
  • Nordstrom $1500,
  • Target $800,
  • Synchrony $2000, and
  • Macy's $500.

I'm also a personal guarantor for a new business that I started, and I now have over 20 trade lines of credit which includes:

  • Shell $7500, and
  • BofA $1000.

I taught my sons ages 25, 18, and 9 everything that I learned throughout the process.

My 25 year old has a 715 credit score, and my 18 year old had a 727 credit score on his 18th birthday.

My 9 year old can teach a credit 101 course.

I appreciate you being part of my credit journey, and the experience has blessed the lives of me and my sons. Thank you!


Great Experience

I had a great experience working with Eric, he was very helpful and knowledge assisting me with the bankruptcy. I would recommend Eric over and over again.

-Rhonda Paul

Very Professional

Thank you for all your help regarding my case. Eric Ridley has worked with me and my family to accomplish our goals. Very professional, and quick to respond to questions.

-Kelly Curtis

Best Lawyer to Have...

Absolutely helpful in guiding me through the processes. Always able to clearly explain any concerns I had within my case. I was able to get my debts cleared within 6 months. Best lawyer to have in tough times, it made the bankruptcy process easier to handle.

-James L.

I will highly recommend Eric to others considering developing a Living Trust. I plan to use Eric as our family attorney

Eric did an excellent job creating our Living Trust. His work was very detailed and thorough, and at a very reasonable cost. I could reach him easily to discuss concerns or questions, and he offered great advice. His depth and experience with Estate matters is significant and trustworthy.

I didn't feel rushed when speaking with him as he took all the time needed to answer my questions. I will highly recommend Eric to others considering developing a Living Trust.

I plan to use Eric as our family attorney as I know if he does not have the expertise to help me with a particular question, he will know who to recommend.

-Charles Nelson

$35,000 car loan less than one year after bankruptcy

My son came home from NYC as he got temp downsized.

Thanks to YOUR help , I’m contributing $785.00 per month to his student loan, plus his medical insurance, & now $500 per month to help his sister out with living expenses .

Anyway , if I was burdened with debt as when you met me, I couldn’t do this.

Thank you.

Capital One - one of the credit cards that approved me (23% APR LOL) sent me a car loan application.

A couple of months ago , any creditor I applied with rejected my application about as soon as I typed in my last name.

They approved $35K for auto loan which is encouraging so soon out of bankruptcy WITH a car repossession on the books !


We can't say enough good about him

We owe a huge personal debt of thanks to Eric that cannot be sufficiently paid in dollars or words.  We can't say enough good about him, nor can we adequately express the depths of our gratitude in a Yelp review.

First, an explanation.  Roughly three years ago, my sweetie hired him to handle what turned out to be a hotly contested bankruptcy case involving a staggering amount of student loan debt.  As most folks know, student loans are virtually impossible to discharge in bankruptcy, even when there are mitigating circumstances, such as extended poverty, unemployment, or health problems on the part of the debtor.

Without going into personal specifics, this case was beyond difficult, even with a long list of good reasons why the debt should be discharged as an "undue hardship."  Despite clear evidence that the situation was beyond hopeless, the U.S. Dept. of Education held the argument that somehow, somewhere, money was going to rain down from the sky to cover the 20-year-old debt.  They insisted that the income-contingent repayment plan (which allowed the balance to exponentially spiral upward) was a sufficient remedy.

Eric has spent the last three years walking us through the process, holding our hands during our darkest moments, taking our calls at odd hours, and working patiently, diligently, and steadfastly on my beloved's behalf.  He has battled hard for a very long time.

After three years of what seemed like an endless fight, my love has been freed of this tremendous albatross that has interfered with every aspect of his life.  For the first time since he graduated college 22 years ago, he can walk upright without the crushing burden of gargantuan debt.

When you use the Yiddish word "mensch" to describe someone, it means that they are a person of integrity and honor.  According to Leo Rosen, a mensch is "someone to admire and emulate, someone of noble character. The key to being 'a real mensch' is nothing less than character, rectitude, dignity, a sense of what is right, responsible, decorous."

Eric Ridley is a mensch.  I never use the word lightly, but it is the only word that can be used to describe him.

Thank you, Eric.  Thank you.

-D. A. T.

A very caring and resourceful Attorney. I trust him.

His skills in the resolution of an estate are impressive. He solves the unusual. He listens and is concerned about liquidation and the heirs. He even took care of the COVID era complications regarding handling the disposition of the deceased.

A very caring and resourceful Attorney. I trust him.

-Steve G.

I'd recommend Eric Ridley to any of my family or friends.

Process went smoothly for me. I'm located in Ventura, and never had an issue with my case.

I've used other attorneys before, so the difference between them and Eric was that he was very flexible with payments and obtaining paperwork.

I didn't have to work with a paralegal. (Other places have you work with a paralegal, then maybe you get a chance to speak with the attorney if they aren't too busy) All paperwork can be completed online, which was awesome.

I'd recommend Eric Ridley to any of my family or friends.

-Robert Alvarado

Eric Ridley did a tremendous job

Eric Ridley did a tremendous job handling my debt settlement case.

I was tied to a joint lawsuit that originated from being evicted alongside my family. We tried to leave it alone, but once the judgement was passed to a collection agency, it became a monster in all of our lives. And despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,

Eric was able to handle my case remotely for at an extremely fair and honest rate. I approached Eric with my case 2 years after the judgement was initially granted.

Within a week...A WEEK! Eric had been negotiated the debt to nearly 50% and I was able to settle the same day that the 50% offer was made. The monster that I'd been dealing with for 2 years suddenly gone within a week after just a few phone calls and emails with Eric.

Eric was available to answer any and all questions I had, and had all the answers to my questions. He is very professional and is a straight-shooter. He won't give sugar-coated BS answers. He will not shame you for being in whatever situation you're in. He will simply grab the bull by the horns and get you through your situation. On top of that, he is very much so interested in your financial rehabilitation afterwards.

As a result, he offers a free course teaching you how to boost your credit after a downturn. It's NOT a credit repair company. It is a course that you go through at your own pace, learning the principles for building a better credit score yourself. I would highly recommend Eric to be anyone's attorney when it comes to debt.

Thank you Eric, for all your hard work and dedication to my case. This review is NOT paid for. It is written out of gratitude towards Eric for settling my case.

-Brennan Bruggeman

I don't think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me

You saved my life, out of debt and I don't think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me, I will keep telling people about your good work in my life.


He has what matters most to me; HONESTY and INTEGRITY.

Mr. Eric Ridley did my estate planning, will, trust, DPOA, Advanced Healthcare Directive and end of life planning paperwork.

This has significantly reduced a great deal of stress for myself since I had no idea where to even start and whom I would be able to trust with my personal details.

Mr. Ridley communicated very well and was honest and resourceful. He did an excellent job; very detailed oriented, thorough and educative. He explained everything step by step and communicated via email, which I appreciate since I am so busy.

This is something that I had been putting off for a while because I am always busy, but now I feel so much better knowing that if something where to happen to me at least my wishes will be legally supported. He replies quickly and has excellent professional demeanor.

Mr. Ridley made the entire process stress-free and it was completed in a timely manner. I have been recommending him to friends and family because he has what matters most to me; HONESTY and INTEGRITY.

He even guided me in how notarization works and referred me to a Mobile Notary Public who is trustworthy and professional as well. This is one of the best experiences I have ever had dealing with an Attorney and I appreciate his help.

It was not stressful at all and I wish I would have done it sooner to have peace of mind. He is truly a fantastic person in general and I wish to thank him from the bottom of my heart for his concerns for my wellbeing and his altruistic demeanor, words cannot suffice how much he has helped.

Thank you very much Mr. Ridley!!


Unwaveringly humble, personable, and professional.

I have worked with Attorney Ridley of the Law Offices of Eric Ridley for nearly two years.

He is unwaveringly humble, personable, and professional.

Everyone of his clients I have encountered has, in one way or another, always mentioned how reassuringly thorough he is with their matters; and, it speaks volumes about both him and his Law Office.