Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney in Ventura

  • Protect Your Heirs
  • Protect Your Wealth
  • Pass On Your assets, your house, and your values to your heirs without the government getting involved.

You worked hard for what you have.

You sacrificed, saved, and made wise choices. You do not want the government taking the assets that you planned on leaving for your heirs.

  • My job is to show you how to keep your property in your family.

You don't want your finances made public.

If you pass on without proper estate planning, not only will your heirs spend thousands of unnecessary dollars probating your estate, but all of your financial affairs will be public record.

  • I will guide you in the ways to minimize cost to your family, and maximize the amount of your estate that your heirs receive

You want your assets to stay in your family.

Even if your children are grown and have loving spouses and great families, sometimes things change. 

  • I will help you develop a plan that will endure unexpected family crises, and protect your legacy for your heirs.

You want your young children taken care of.

And you want them raised with your values, by people who share your values.

  • I will work with you to make sure your wishes are crystal-clear. If the worst happens to you, your children will be raised by the people YOU choose, and raised with YOUR values.

Estate planning is the collection of steps you take to ensure that your heirs, or anyone else you choose, are provided for, in the way you want - failing to plan means that the government decides how your assets are distributed. 

Proper estate planning includes planning during your lifetime along with the distribution of assets after your passing. There are a variety of tools used to accomplish these goals including wills, trusts, life insurance policies and other instruments. They can be complex if you have a number of assets. Each plan begins in the same place: identification of whom or what you wish to protect. No one likes or wants to consider their own passing. However, estate planning is an important responsibility and I take my role seriously.

It is never too early, or for that matter, too late to create and implement an effective action plan for the protection of your family,  and protection and transfer of your assets. I believe that a proper estate plan includes more than just a will or properly drafted trust. A good estate plan focuses on preservation during your life and transfer after your death. I will work with you and your financial advisors and accountants where necessary, to prepare an estate plan tailored to you.

Everyone hopes that their family and other loved ones will work together to ensure their last wishes are complied with. However, if your last wishes are not properly explained in an estate plan, they will almost certainly be misinterpreted or even ignored; this creates fighting and bad feelings among your heirs. 

A proper estate plan anticipates and strives to avoid potential future conflict. Clear and explicit instructions can remove ambiguity and avoid future challenges to an estate plan.

Although many plans have similarities, no two are identical. There is no typical client or ordinary set of circumstances when we're designing the most appropriate estate plan. Blended families, LGBT families, adult children, grandchildren, children with special needs, and an infinite number of other circumstances will impact your estate plan. I create plans to address these issues, and many others. 

An important early step is to meet with you to gain an understanding of your wishes and concerns. Only then can I provide you the best overview of your estate planning options. I will then design an estate plan that best addresses your individual concerns and helps to accomplish your goals, while at the same time addressing the myriad of potential issues likely to arise.

Estate planning is often impacted by other areas of the law, or your business or personal circumstances. Business entity formation, purchase agreements, closely held entities, and deferred compensation programs can all impact your estate plan.

Whether you realize it or not, you already have an estate.  It is made up of everything you own, including your home if you own one, your car, jewelry, other valuables, collectibles, stocks and bonds, and all of your other assets.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes the right steps to protect these assets and makes the decisions as to how they should be disposed of in the event of their death.  It makes no sense to spend a lifetime building wealth and assets and then not taking care of them for the benefit of the ones you love when you pass away.

That’s why I provide safe and effective estate planning services for my clients.  

Affordable estate planning attorney

My services fit the individual needs of my clients and my fees make it easy to protect your family assets. I don’t compromise quality; I work within a reasonable budget to develop a sensible approach to creating a your plan, including wills and living trusts, durable power of attorney, advanced health-care directives, HIPAA waivers, and other related documents that ensure your family will be protected, and your wishes will be upheld, from start to finish.

My goal is to create an estate plan that allows heirs the best possible way to pay the least amount of taxes, legal fees and other related expenses, allowing them to retain as much of your estate as possible. None of us want the government taking more than they should. Take the time now to protect your family.

Durable power of attorney

Aside from preparing your will or living trust, one of the most important documents I can create for my clients is a durable power of attorney. 

The Durable Power of Attorney allows you to keep a power of attorney in place in case you become ill or are injured, giving another person (your spouse, child, or other trusted person) the right to handle your affairs after a doctor certifies that you are not mentally capable of handling things on your own. 

Many times, illness or incapacity precedes death, and a durable power of attorney allows a trusted relative, business partner or attorney the ability to manage your affairs. 

This is different from a general power of attorney that is usually part of an estate plan and gives an individual or an organization broad powers to act on a person’s behalf after their death. 

In addition to a durable power of attorney, we can also prepare a more specific health care power of attorney that limits another person’s ability to only make medical decisions for you if you become incapacitated due to mental or physical issues.