Small Business IRS Lawyer


Tax Attorney Eric Ridley

I represent small business taxpayers in front of the IRS to remove the stress and anxiety of seizures, levies, and other IRS Collections action.

I deal with the IRS for you, so you can continue doing what you do best, which is running your business.

I also work with Realtors and their clients to clear up tax lien challenges so that everybody can get to closing.

If you have IRS liens, levies, or other IRS trouble, you should call me right now.

Don't Let an IRS Tax Notice Stress You Out

It's easy to panic when you receive an IRS notice for your small business. Don't panic. We'll figure it out.

We can often minimize or even eliminate any tax penalties and interest.

A notice may not necessarily mean that you will be hit with a tax penalty, or even that your small business has necessarily done anything wrong.

But a tax notice is a clear sign that you are on the IRS's radar. Do NOT Ignore It.

Your most important course of action is to take action, now.

The longer you wait to take action on your IRS debt, the worse your situation will get.

Bank and state levies could enable the IRS and FTB tax authorities to seize their payments directly from your bank account, or worse, put a permanent freeze on it, making it nearly impossible to pay employees and vendors. Your account receivables could be turned over to the IRS.

Eventually you might not be able to run your business at all. The sooner you call me, the quicker we can get your tax issues under control.I help small businesses in a variety of industries including construction, office services, restaurants, transportation, healthcare and more. Stop the taxing authorities while time is on your side. If you owe more than $10,000 in tax debt, you need to call me now.

Equipped To Represent You

Not every tax advisor is authorized to represent you before the IRS.

If you've received an IRS notice, you certainly need someone to assess your tax problems and determine what actions you must take. But just as important is their ability to formally represent you.

Partnering with a tax resolution attorney with qualifications for small business tax resolution services is the key to resolving any potential issues and limiting your tax burden.