How to File

This is a list of the information and records you’re going to need, once you’ve decided to file for bankruptcy in Ventura, CA (or anywhere else I serve!). In order to prepare your chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, you will need:

Financial Records

  • Your most recent 6 month’s bank statements;
  • Your most recent bills from every creditor;
  • Most recent payment coupons for vehicles (lease or purchase), real estate, and student loans;
  • We’ll need to know the balance remaining on all your loans;
  • Bills or invoices for any large purchases you’ve made in the last year; and
  • Receipts

Legal Records

  • Your files from any previous litigation, including  any judgments that have been entered against you in court;
  • Files from your previous attorneys;
  • Any divorce decree or other court order that requires you to pay child support or maintenance; and
  • Any court orders requiring you to pay any amounts to the Court.

Additional Documents

  • Cancelled checks for any expense you won’t otherwise be able to document;
  • ALL your correspondence with or regarding creditors, especially threat letters from collection agencies;
  • ALL your insurance policies;
  • Your tax returns for the last two years;
  • Title documents for all your vehicles;
  • Your lease, rental agreement, or mortgage;
  • Any promissory notes you have signed;
  • Other documents relating to debts you owe other people;
  • Any proof that anyone owes you money; and
  • All the documents pertaining to any lawsuits with which you have been served.