Chapter 7

Supreme Court

These could change the face of Chapter 7 bankruptcy entirely. Right now, debtors in chapter 7 cannot strip their second mortgages. If SCOTUS rules for the debtors in these cases, we could have the ability to strip unsecured second mortgages without having to put debtors through Chapter 13 proceedings.

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Oxnard Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy mistakes can be very costly and all too often an individual filing bankruptcy will make inadvertent mistakes that jeopardize their chance of discharging their debts and retaining exempted property.

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Law Offices of Eric Ridley PORT HUENEME CA

AARGH! My Wages Are Being Garnished! What Can I Do? There are few feelings worse than suddenly hearing from your HR department that your wages are going to be garnished. Don’t panic! Here’s what to do.

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