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Ventura Probate Attorney

Retain a Probate Attorney in  Ventura, CA to:

  • Prevent the living hell, expense, and frustration of putting your family through probate
  • Save probate fees
  • Save taxes
  • Make sure your estate is distributed the way YOU want
  • Protect your children from their own mistakes
  • Become a (BIGGER) hero to your loved ones

After a person passes away, their assets are managed to comply with state laws and follow their wishes when they were alive as expressed in their will. A probate attorney guides the will executor or beneficiaries through the probate process, which revolves around identifying and distributing inheritance and assets.

What does probate mean?

Probate is the whole process of administering a deceased person’s estate per their will or state recommendations. A probate lawyer is a state-authorized lawyer who works with the estate’s beneficiaries to settle the decedent’s affairs.

In some instances, the probate process can be foregone if all the decedent’s assets have been put in trust. A trust can ensure a smooth transfer of property outside the court and legitimate procedures.

A probate estate attorney can be involved in the process depending on the specific circumstances around the deceased’s estate. Their input will depend on the estate’s value and whether the departed person had a last will before they died.

In situations where there is no will, family members and beneficiaries record claims and legally pursue what they believe they are entitled to. In circumstances where there is a will, the lawyer sees the deceased’s wishes are respected and resolves difficulties that may emerge regarding the will’s legitimacy.

What does a probate attorney do?

If the deceased person had a will, a probate attorney helps advise the involved parties, including the will executors and the beneficiaries, on different legal matters. The lawyer can determine the will’s integrity by auditing to ascertain that it is duly signed and that it wasn’t composed under coercion. In the last parts of their lives, senior or ill persons might fall victim to undue pressure from persons that target to have a piece of their estate. 

Estate litigators are probate attorneys who specialize in individual lawsuits regarding the deceased person’s estate. They serve beneficiaries who might be dissatisfied with the truthfulness of or the contents of the will.

What happens if there is no Will

When someone dies without a will, the State of California's "intestate" laws automatically kick in. The State of California determines the distribution of the estate and assets - regardless of what you may have wanted, or what's fair. In many states, the surviving spouse of the deceased person inherits the whole estate. However, intestate laws vary, and each case is treated differently.

A probate attorney can help the administrator of the estate to distribute the assets per the laws. The actions of the lawyer, in this case, are premised within the State’s intestacy laws.

This type of succession often gets confounding, like in circumstances of a pending divorce, legal separation, or adopted children. A probate lawyer helps clarify things and prove to the courts the spouses, partners and children, blood relatives that should be counted in the succession.

The probate attorney then helps the family choose the estate administrator by securing “renunciations” from the decedent’s different relatives. A renunciation is a lawful articulation disavowing one’s entitlement to control the estate. The lawyer then helps the administrator through the probate process.

In general, here is a rundown of the standard regular assignments a probate attorney may help take care of during the probate cycle: 

  • Identifying assets and securing them
  • Collecting proceeds from life insurance
  • Obtaining valuations and appraisals for the assets
  • Paying bills and settling debts
  • Handling the paperwork needed by the probate court
  • Resolving income or inheritance task issues
  • Streamlining the decedent’s financial records

Transferring assets to beneficiaries per the will or intestacy laws.

Probate lawyers are indispensable in the whole probate process even though they are not legally required. Come to think of it, an everyday person might get confused in the probate process and the different applicable laws and functions involved. Plus, there are bills and taxes to pay to keep the decedent’s estate operational throughout the process. It can turn out to be very tedious.

A probate attorney helps to accomplish every function effectively. And they do things on time for a speedy conclusion of the probate process. They bring soberness, objectivity, and fairness in a process that could otherwise be marred and derailed by bad blood among beneficiaries.

Are you handling the distribution of an estate of someone who passed on with or without a will? We can simplify and expedite the entire probate process. Call us at 805-244-5291

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I serve estate planning clients everywhere in Ventura, CA  I'm not an estate planning lawyer based in the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles, seeking to serve Ventura County.  I serve residents of Ventura County (including the city of Ventura) and parts north, all the way up to San Luis Obispo. 

I am a local attorney and I am experienced with our court. I grew up in Ventura, I live in Ventura County, and my main office is within a ten minute drive of anywhere in Ventura.

Hiring local counsel matters. Call me and learn why so many others have opted to hire me to represent them to help with their financial problems.

I am deeply committed to Ventura, and have been a part of life here since 1967 (I was frighteningly young then). I graduated from Ventura High School (class of '78). I know the Ventura area as well as anyone.

I Know the Ventura Economy

From the Point, to Hollywood Beach, from Ondulando to the Avenue, I create estate plans and help people probate estates in Ventura.  I understand Ventura. I know the city's largest employers, including Patagonia and Community Memorial Hospital.  I know the smaller employers and family businesses. Many of them are my clients.

Ventura is a vibrant and entrepreneurial city, which I have known and loved for my entire life; I grew up here, and I think there's no more beautiful place on the planet.

Estate Planning Attorney in Ventura CA

Are you concerned about what happens after you die? Have you seen a loved one go through the hell and expense of probate? Are you ready to get your life back and put an end to your concerns about your will and trust? Come to affordable Ventura estate planning attorney Eric Ridley for help.

I am an estate planning attorney in Ventura, CA, and I serve clients to help protect their families throughout Ventura County. I make it my mission to help my clients pursue relief from their anxiety about the future and to make a solid plan which protects your loved ones, and I am ready to help you.

  • Free initial estate planning strategy session.

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Passionate service, personal help, practical solutions, for probate, wills, trusts, powers of attorney.

  • Thorough communication with our clients throughout the estate planning process.

Some of the ways a proper estate plan (living will, will, revocable living trust, healthcare power of attorney, etc) can help you:

  • Prevent probate
  • Save money
  • Save taxes
  • Carry out YOUR wishes
  • Keep your affairs private

If you are in Ventura, CA, and have sacrificed all your life to create assets, a proper estate plan could be a viable option that might bring you tremendous relief.

You should also consider an estate planning attorney if you are living paycheck to paycheck, using your credit cards to meet basic living expenses or borrowing money from family and friends to pay your bills. For businesses that are struggling financially, bankruptcy might also be an appropriate option.

I offer free initial estate planning strategy session to people in considering wills and trusts in Ventura who are ready to take action towards protecting their family. I invite you to contact me at my office at any time, 24/7 so I can provide your free consultation. We will discuss my services, the estate planning process. I promise I'm friendlier than any other local law firm or estate planning lawyer in Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Simi Valley - or anywhere in the 805, for that matter!

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