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Camarillo Bankruptcy Attorney

Camarillo Bankruptcy Attorney

Retain an affordable Camarillo Bankruptcy Lawyer to Make Sure You Get Local Bankruptcy Representation

Camarillo bankruptcy attorney

I serve bankruptcy clients everywhere in Camarillo, CA  I'm not a bankruptcy lawyer based in the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles, seeking to serve Ventura County.  My main court is the Northern Division of the Central District of California, which serves Camarillo. The Northern Division serves residents of Ventura County and parts north, all the way up to San Luis Obispo. 

I am a local Camarillo bankruptcy attorney and I am experienced with our court system in Ventura County. I grew up in Ventura, I live in Ventura County, and my main office is within a ten minute drive of anywhere in Oxnard/Ventura/Camarillo.

Hiring local counsel matters. Call me and learn why so many others have chosen to hire me to represent them to help with their financial problems.

I am deeply committed to Camarillo, and have been a part of life here since 1967 (I was pretty young then). I graduated from Ventura High School (class of '78). I worked at two local radio stations way back when, one of which was located in Camarillo. I know the Camarillo area as well as anyone.

I Know the Camarillo Economy

From Camarillo Airport to the Outlets, from Point Mugu to CSU Channel Islands, I serve Camarillo.  I understand Camarillo. I know the city's largest employers, including St. John's Regional Medical Center, Technicolor, and Hi-Temp Insulation.  I know the smaller employers and family businesses. Many of them are my clients.

Camarillo is a vibrant agricultural and entrepreneurial city

Is bankruptcy right for you?

Bankruptcy Attorney Camarillo CA

Are you tired of struggling to pay your bills? Does the amount you owe seem to grow and grow out of control? Are you ready to get your life back and put an end to your problems with debt? Come to affordable camarillo bankruptcy attorney Eric Ridley for help.

I am a bankruptcy attorney in Camarillo, CA, and I help clients get debt relief throughout Ventura County. I make it my mission to help my clients pursue relief from their debts and to make a fresh start financially, and I am ready to help you.

  • Free initial consultations.

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Passionate service, personal help, practical solutions.

  • Thorough communication with our clients.

Some of the ways filing a bankruptcy petition can help you:

  • Immediately stopping any foreclosure actions
  • Preventing the repossession of your vehicle
  • Ending or preventing wage garnishment
  • Restoring your utility service
  • Preventing your utilities from being turned off
  • Ending creditor harassment (phone calls, letters and emails)

If you are in Camarillo, CA, and are heavily in debt and facing creditor lawsuits, home foreclosure or face repossession of your vehicle, bankruptcy could be a viable option that might bring you tremendous relief.

You should also consider a bankruptcy attorney if you are living paycheck to paycheck, using your credit cards to meet basic living expenses or borrowing money from family and friends to pay your bills. For businesses that are struggling financially, bankruptcy might also be an appropriate option.

I offer free initial bankruptcy consultations to people in considering bankruptcy in Oxnard, Camarillo, and Ventura who are ready to take action towards declaring bankruptcy or fighting foreclosure. I invite you to contact me at my office at any time, 24/7 so I can provide your free consultation. We will discuss my services, the bankruptcy process, how to protect your rights in bankruptcy. I promise I'm friendlier than any other local law firm or bankruptcy lawyer in Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Simi Valley - or anywhere in the 805, for that matter!

You will find that my years of experience with the bankruptcy court will let me answer your questions about privacy, terms, cases, bankruptcy law, and any other questions you have today. I understand if you want to ask questions online as well, and will answer them!

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Bankruptcy Attorney in Oxnard, CA


Why Should I Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney in Camarillo, CA?

So what’s good about filing for bankruptcy in Camarillo, CA? You’ll lose everything, right? Wrong.

Bankruptcy is a second chance designed to help you with debts you simply cannot pay. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney in Camarillo is logical if: you lost your job, you lost your health insurance and became ill, you’ve fallen into debt with credit card companies, or if you fear you’ll lose everything you own because of debts.

There are many other reasons for filing, but let’s go over 5 big benefits of hiring bankruptcy attorneys in Camarillo, California. 

1-Lose Your Debt by Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in California In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you lose all unsecured debts. With Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you buy yourself a lot of time to pay back the debts. The good news is bankruptcy attorneys in California with the right experience know the ins and outs of filing for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You can get counsel on which chapter of bankruptcy is best for you, how to save the most money, and how to eliminate the most debt. 

2-No More Harassment One big problem those in debt have is harassing phone calls from your creditors. 

It’s harassment in many ways. Technically, creditors can still call you after you file bankruptcy, but hiring bankruptcy attorneys in Camarillo, CA or anywhere else in Ventura County makes it possible for you to tell the creditors to call your attorney.

Your attorney can handle the problem for you, and you can be free of the headaches. 

3-No More Fear and Uncertainty with Bankruptcy Attorneys Help If you don’t know how to file,the advantages of filing, and how you will pay, a bankruptcy attorney in Camarillo, CA can help with the fear and uncertainty. You can know from day 1 what will happen with your finances. Yes, most bankruptcy hearings are short and to the point, but there is a lot of detail that goes on outside the courtroom and in paperwork. You need a professional to help.

4-The Price is Right Of course, hiring bankruptcy attorneys in California isn’t free, but the right attorney will work with you on payments (I know I will).

Some bankruptcy filings allow for the attorney to be paid through the settlement as well. In either case, it’s much cheaper to hire the right attorney the first time instead of doing it yourself which would be more costly.

5-No Mistakes with Help from a Bankruptcy Attorney in Camarillo 

Finally, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Camarillo can be complicated. You need to know which to file, how to handle certain creditors, how to pay back debt, and how to handle a myriad of other things.

The final benefit in hiring professional bankruptcy attorneys is that you can be assured of no mistakes.

Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura CA


Serving, Camarillo

Your debts are resolved through the bankruptcy process, allowing you to emerge with a clean slate and the “Fresh Start.” Depending on your circumstances, declaring bankruptcy can:

  • Help you keep your house
  • Prevent repossession of a car
  • Protect your assets from collectors
  • Strip off second mortgages (“lien stripping”), a very powerful tool!
  • Help you downsize and reorganize businesses that you own
  • Instigate restructuring of loans and leases
  • Stop lawsuits before they result in expensive litigation fees

If you are facing legal action such as repossession or foreclosure, contact us immediately, even if you are in the process of completing a loan modification or forbearance. Don’t wait until your property is seized before you seek legal representation, or the law may not allow you to reclaim your assets even after you file for bankruptcy.

Every client is unique to us: if bankruptcy isn’t your best option, we’ll tell you, and work with you to find a better solution. We promise you an honest and direct appraisal of your situation so that you can make the best decision for yourself.


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