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Over the course of 20 years as a marketing professional, entrepreneur & small business owner in Ventura County, I had successes and I had failures; I learned a lot along the way.

Those experiences made me a more tenacious negotiator, litigator, Ventura bankruptcy lawyer, and a more compassionate and personal Estate Planning, Elder Law, Wills & Trusts, IRS Tax Resolution and Bankruptcy Lawyer in Oxnard and all over Ventura County.

I now serve debt, bankruptcy, and tax resolution clients as their personal lawyer in Oxnard California, Ventura, Santa Barbara, & Los Angeles Counties.

IRS Tax problems? Anywhere in the State of California, or nationwide.

& Jargon-Free

When you're my client, whether for a Ventura or Oxnard bankruptcy, tax resolution, or other legal issues, you can contact me by phone, text, or email whenever you need me - Even after our free consultation.

I promise to get back to you as quickly as possible, and I also promise to answer all of your questions in simple, everyday language — not legal jargon like many bankruptcy lawyers in Ventura County.

I am your financial expert, and I work hard to keep the legal-ese and jargon to a minimum. I'm really not like other lawyers in Ventura, Oxnard & Camarillo. Give me a call and find out why!

Ready to Get Things Moving

Whatever legal situation you’re facing probably has you feeling stuck - that’s why I’m here.

People come to me for bankruptcy and other financial advice and assistance from all over Ventura County: Oxnard, Camarillo, Simi Valley... with what appear to them, to be impossible financial problems.

We find ways to fix "impossible" financial problems.

After our consultation, I find and use every tool at my disposal to get your matter moving to the best possible outcome for you, and to protect your legal rights along the way, and maintain a strict privacy policy while doing so.

Eric Ridley

Attorney at Law

I don't have a large fancy Ventura County Oxnard law office or a battalion of clerks and paralegals - If you want to be impressed by mahogany paneling, law books, and leather chairs like you see in court, let me know. I’ll provide you a referral to another bankruptcy lawyer in Oxnard or Ventura who has a beautiful office.

I don’t keep an office. Instead, I make effective use of the internet, and I work around your busy schedule. We'll also work out payment terms that work for you for your legal representation.

Here's a Breakdown of My 3-Step Process

1. Big Picture

It may feel like the end of the world right now, but I promise you, it’s not - I understand. Let’s start by talking about where you currently stand and where you’d like to be, so I can learn about you, your problems, and your goals.


I can't make an effective recommendation without learning about why you called in the first place. I emphasize listening - non-judgmentally - to my client's problems - and not scaring the jeebers out of you.

2. No Jargon

I’ll address your concerns and explain what will and won’t happen as your case (whether bankruptcy, credit card lawsuit, will & trust, or something else) proceeds.


I will do this patiently and respectfully.


No rush, no pressure. Free consultation is my service.


Stopping your foreclosure, discharge of your debt, protection of your family, and maximizing your future happiness, financial security, and personal well-being with as little stress as possible, are my goals.

3. Take Action

Each legal plan I design reflects your individual needs and goals.


Once your plan is established, I get straight to work using my legal resources for you.


Whether it's a bankruptcy, debt relief, Will & Trust, or resolving your IRS Tax Debt (or something else) each case, each client, and each plan, is unique.


There's a lot more to being a lawyer, than "lawyering." Lawyers are in a unique position of trust, and it's my goal to earn your trust and respect once you decide to entrust me with your matter.

What My Clients Have To Say

Practice Areas

Helping good people get great outcomes

Let me help you move forward

Great Outcomes

Oxnard Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

$352,000 debt discharged

Oxnard Credit Card Lawsuit

$14,000 credit card lawsuit – negotiated confidential settlement which left client VERY happy

Oxnard Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

$4,084,000 discharged

Camarillo Breach of Contract

Confidential settlement favorable to my client

Important Disclaimer: We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for debt relief under the bankruptcy code. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. These outcomes are no guarantee of similar results with your matter.
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Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Please Let Me Help

When you are buried under a mountain of stress - in my experience - you can’t be the best version of yourself. That doesn’t sit well with me. I choose to practice the areas of law that I do (especially  Estate Planning, IRS Tax Resolution, Asset Protection Planning, & Bankruptcy) so that I can help real people (in AND out of the 805) overcome their everyday problems and get you back to focusing on what’s truly important — your work, your family and your loved ones. Not dealing with Oxnard bankruptcy attorneys.

I will make this process as simple and stress-free for you as possible.

Your situation will inevitably be stressful, but that doesn’t mean I can’t shoulder some of that burden for you. Here are three unique ways I work to make things easier for my clients.

I Respect Your Time

I keep my schedule flexible so that I’m available when you need me, especially for your free consultation. We can schedule calls and online meetings after work or whenever makes the most sense for you. And whenever I can’t come to the phone, I will return your call, text, or email as soon as I possibly can. 

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for debt relief under the bankruptcy code.

Traveling to Meet You

Although we can usually accomplish almost everything through phone, skype, texts, and emails (yes, my clients can text me for quick questions), the occasional concern does arise that requires my client and me to sit down together, in person. No worries — I make this process simple. Rather than asking you to gather up all your paperwork and come to me, I will come to you for your legal matter, including bankruptcy in Oxnard, Ventura, or anywhere else in Ventura County. I'm always happy to meet my clients when and where it's most convenient for them. Not all bankruptcy attorneys in Oxnard do that.

Fighting Tenaciously

I am able to resolve the vast majority of the cases I handle before the word “trial” ever comes up. BUT - I always prepare for the possibility of trial just in case. And whether we have to negotiate in or out of the courtroom, you can rest easier knowing I am a skilled and experienced fighter. Filing bankruptcy is tough on individuals, as are other areas of law. Your creditors are determined. I know bankruptcy law, and how to use it to get you relief.

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