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Student Loan Attorney

Student Loan Attorney

Not even ten years ago, it would have been odd to think that you might need a student loan lawyer. Honestly, I doubt that the phrase student loan lawyer had even been created that recently.

However, student loans and student loan defaults are a staggering problem, not only where I practice student loan law, in Ventura and Los Angeles – but there are student loan law issues nationwide. In the United States, we now have more outstanding student loan debt than we have credit card debt. Over one trillion dollars, and by some estimates, almost forty percent of this student loan debt is in default.

You thought the banking crisis was bad, wait until the student loan lawsuits begin to roll in with the tide.

And, sadly, there are a lot of myths surrounding this tsunami of debt. Including:

  • There’s nothing I can do about my student loan debt
  • Student loans are not dischargeable in bankrupcty
  • Even a student loan lawyer can’t help me
  • The payments are so high I’m going to choke
  • I’ll never discharge my student loans
  • and more student loan myths.

All of those are untrue, damaging myths.

If you’ve been sued over your student loans, if your loan payments are killing you, if you are feeling hopeless about your student loan payments –

You need to call me for a free, friendly consultation.

I can explain:

  • The little known program that might let you completely discharge your student loans in less than three years
  • How you may be able to lower your student loan payments
  • Why you should usually NOT accept a forbearance plan on your student loan
  • How I can help you if you’re in the military
  • Why Doctors, nurses, court clerks, government employees and anyone who works for a non-profit, should call me RIGHT NOW.
  • Why all the advice you’ve ever received on your student loans, is probably inacurate

You should call
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