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War Against Paypal

I’m going to war against Paypal, American Coradius, & IC System.

I’m a collection defense lawyer. I know the FDCPA, Rosenthal, FCRA, and TCPA like I know the freckles on my own face. I read collection laws and cases before I go to bed at night (sadly).  I defend people from unscrupulous debt collectors for a living.

And these numbnuts still just came after me, for a debt that isn’t mine.

What the heck?

Here’s the story: Some putz created a paypal account in my name, using my office address. I have no idea how, but it happened. They ran up a bunch of charges. Paypal called me, I explained that it was a scam, and Paypal went away. No harm, no foul. For three weeks.

Then, I got a collection letter from American Coradius (a collection agency who collects Paypal debt), trying to get me to pay $531. I dutifully demanded validation of the debt, told them not to contact me again, informed them that I would be most pleased to sue them under FDCPA, Rosenthal, FCRA and anything else I could come up with, and I went back to work. For two weeks.

Today I received another collection letter, this time from IC Systems (another collection agency working for Paypal). Same demand, and this time I’m pissed. Scorched earth. We’re going to war. More laws broken than I can count (but I can’t count very high).

Here’s my problem. I know more about collection law and defense than even most attorneys, except those who practice in my narrow little field. And these schmucks have the huevos to treat me like crap. If they treat a defense attorney this badly, I can only imagine how much abuse there is out there. I did everything right. AND, I sent my letters on my LAWYER’S LETTERHEAD.

And they still screwed up.

They are going to pay. There’s no backing down and no negotiating on this one.

Me fighting Paypal

Me fighting Paypal

Edit: September 9, 2014. I have been contacted by litigation counsel to Paypal, who apologized profusely on behalf of Paypal and American Coradius. We appear to have reached a settlement, in principle.

If you’re being harassed by any collection agency, whether it’s Paypal, American Coradius, Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery Associates, or any others, call me. I’ll go into war for you. With extreme pleasure.

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