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Ventura Attorney Eric Ridley

Welcome to the Ventura, Oxnard, Port Hueneme & Santa Clarita law office of Eric Ridley, your personal Ventura Attorney/Lawyer. I represent individuals, families and small, family-owned businesses as their personal attorney, all over Southern California, particularly in Ventura, Oxnard & the Channel Islands Harbor, Santa Clarita (Valencia, Newhall & Canyon Country) areas.

I help regular people when you have a legal problem. I help solve problems for you. I do not have a large fancy office or a battalion of clerks and paralegals. If you want to be impressed by mahogany paneling, law books and leather chairs, let me know. I’ll refer you to a law firm which has a beautiful office. If you want personal service and aggressive representation, you need to call me now.

Your Personal Ventura Lawyer

 “Thank you again for your representation in this matter and for the positive results. You have been instrumental in me getting my life back on track. Thank you again. “

When you want a personal attorney for your family; someone who can help solve most of your problems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, then please contact me.

As your personal Ventura attorney , I consult with other specialist attorneys as necessary. In very complicated cases, I may retain other attorneys to work on a portion of your case while I serve as a legal manager for you to make certain the work is done efficiently, honestly, aggressively and as economically as possible.

What I Do as a Ventura Attorney

Mine is a general law practice. I do not work for banks, insurance companies, the government or big corporations. I work for you, as your lawyer, for your:

Do You Need A Ventura Attorney to Help With Your Will and Trust, Chapter 7, 11 or 13 Bankruptcy,  Consumer Fraud, Credit or Collections problem, Civil Litigation, Financial Elder Abuse,National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Lawsuit, or other Legal Matter?

Then contact Ventura Attorney Eric Ridley at (805) 244-LAW1 (5291) for your free consultation.

  • I welcome your call (really!).
  • I will gladly talk with you over the phone or in person, without charge.
  • I’ll return your call promptly if I am not available when you call.
  • I will not pressure you in any way.
  • And if for some reason I can’t help you, I will put you in touch with another law firm in town who can… that’s my promise to you.

This is an excerpt from a note a recent client sent to Ventura Attorney Eric Ridley:

Ventura Attorney Eric Ridley

Ventura Attorney Testimonial

“I wasn’t sure if filing for Bankruptcy was the right thing to do.  My parents raised me very well and this was the last thing I morally felt was right. 

I spoke with you about my situation and how I managed to get myself into so much debt.  You talked to me about why in some cases filing may be the right thing to do.  As you know I did make the decision the day I spoke with you.  There was no pressure from you whatsoever.  You were willing to talk to me about everything.  I was fully aware of what to expect.  I do admit I was afraid, without you I could not have made it through the process.  When I needed reassurance you were there.  Even weeks after my 341 hearing we still communicate.”




A Friendly Ventura Lawyer?

I am a general practice and consumer protection attorney, and I am your personal Ventura lawyer. I will help you solve issues involving wills & trusts, bankruptcy, consumer issues including foreclosure and collection defense, fraud, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust lawsuit, and debt issues, civil litigation, and many of the other issues that can occur in your business or personal life. My goal is to be the affordable Santa Clarita, Ventura Attorney, Oxnard or Port Hueneme lawyer you trust so much that you call me first, before things go wrong.

Free Legal Consultation


Please call me today for your free legal consultation. I offer significant military and Police/Fire discounts.

Give me a call at (805) 244-LAW1 (5291) to set up your free, fully confidential legal consultation, with an attorney (me), at your home or office.

Just to clarify:

Matters I Do Handle as a Ventura Attorney:

Matters I Do Not Handle as a Ventura Attorney:

  • Any work for large corporations
  • Any work for insurance companies
  • Any work which is adverse to consumers
  • Any work for the government


Did I Mention Your Instant Free Phone Consultation

With Ventura Attorney Eric Ridley?

Please call me today for your free legal consultation. I offer military and Police/Fire discounts.

You need to give me a call right now at (805) 244-LAW1 (5291) to set up your free, fully confidential legal consultation, with a Ventura attorney (me).

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